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"I am a Free Spirit. I will not let anyone put me in a cage." 

Pet & Dog Hotel Boarding

Cage-less luxury, calm environment, immaculate spaces, strict hygiene practices & operational transparency are just some reasons why owners choose BreakFast at Fluffy's for their pet boarding needs.

Cage-free Aircon HEPA Stay

BreakFast at Fluffy's (BFF) is an immaculate & luxurious cage-free space that advocates play, engagement, exercise, freedom & transparency - just the way your pet would like it. Our Symphony Relax-Therapy & HEPA Filter Technology ensure calm & comfort for your pet.

24/7 Warden & Webcam

Spend less time on our BFF Night-vision Pet Boarding Webcam because our wardens are on duty 24/7 to care for your pets. If your pet needs an extra blanket, a nightcap or someone to cuddle with before bedtime, you can rely on the team at BreakFast at Fluffy's.

24hr Concierge Service

BFF Concierge accepts early & late check-ins & outs outside operation hours (7am-10pm). Our Transport Team covers locations island-wide including CAPQ Station, and ensures the safety & comfort of your pets. We are committed to support guests in every way possible. 

Quarantine Inspection

If you are returning/moving to Singapore with your pet during this Covid period, your family is required to serve a 14-day quarantine. But not so for your pet! Engage BFF to handle your pet's Inspection & Clearance at the Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine (CAPQ).

Complimentary Services

Guests are pampered with a relaxing weekly shower - shampoo, conditioner, blow & fluff - to stay clean, fresh & shiny. Grass trained guests are kept strictly to their scheduled daily walks & exercise with the intention to maintain as much normalcy as possible.

Health, Welfare & Training Advice

Increased knowledge in pack leader behaviour & pet ownership in owners means healthier & happier pet guests. BFF actively shares knowledge, tips & provides daily activity reviews. One of BFF's key strengths is socialising puppies & timid dog.

Healthy Organic Cuisine

On the menu - Origi-7 air-dried organic kibble made from 100% real Salmon/Lamb /Duck/Beef, & formulated with organic flaxseed, coconut, oats, honey, turmeric, and pre- & probiotics. Option of Stella & Chewy's Meal Topper/ Salmon Oil for that extra goodness.

Release Pent Up Energy

BFF will oblige over-energised residents with two 20-min walks or dog run visits daily. New or current swimmers with our partner operator Hydrocanine - Singapore's largest heated pool for dogs - can plan swim sessions during their stay at BFF. Ask for your BFF Privileges if you are a Hydrocanine member. 

Safe Distancing Measures

To protect staff & customers, BFF adheres to these stepped-up measures:

(1) Use of BFF Mobil encouraged
(2) Lesser pet luggage allowance 
(3) Quicker check-in/out
(4) Shorter Hotel Orientation visits.

Our Stellar Reviews

If only our pets could speak... Fur-tunately, their parents can, & here is what they say about us!

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          Save $80 with a 10-Night Package 
with n
o expiry.


$58/night   (10N Special)

                                                                                     U.P. - $66/night


$72/night   (10N Special)

                                                                                     U.P. - $80/night


$88/night   (10N Special)

                                                                                     U.P. - $96/night


$112/night   (10N Special)

                                                                                    U.P. - $120/night

              Check-in after 12pm. Check-out before 12pm.        
              Weekly Shower & Fluff
- Complimentary            
2 walks per day - Complimentary          
Chemical-free Flea Prev - $20 onwards
Organic Kibbles - $3 - $8/meal              
1-way Pet Transport - $30-$40              

Rabbit · Hamster · Bird · Reptile          $10-18/night 

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